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Interior & Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

Interior painting involves applying paint to the walls, ceilings, and trim within a building to enhance aesthetics, protect surfaces, and personalize spaces. This process typically includes surface preparation, such as cleaning and priming, followed by the application of paint using brushes, rollers, or sprayers. The choice of color, type of paint, and finish can significantly influence the ambiance and functionality of a room. Professional interior painting aims for a smooth, even finish and long-lasting results, often requiring multiple coats and careful attention to detail.

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Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting involves applying paint to the outside surfaces of a home to protect against weather damage, improve curb appeal, and extend the life of the siding and trim. The process includes surface preparation such as cleaning, scraping, sanding, and priming, followed by the application of weather-resistant paint. Proper technique ensures durability and a uniform finish, enhancing both the appearance and structural integrity of the home.

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