Our Services
Licensed and Insured:
All Florida Colors Inc. is licensed and fully insured. A contractor specific license in Painting requires knowledge of certain Industry Regulations such as how to properly handle and recycle hazardous materials or set up and use equipment like ladders, scaffolds and tools like paint spray guns. Crew members are trained in handling hazardous materials and dangerous toxins, such as chlorine and other chemicals; lead; mold and asbestos, for example. Inhalation of such toxins can be serious, so All Florida Colors Inc. takes every proper measure to ensure the safety of our customers, their families, and the crew by following guidelines according to OSHA Painting Industry Regulations during exposure. When you contract with a company like All Florida Colors, you will maintain peace of mind as we are skilled, trained professionals.
Commercial Painting

All Florida Colors Inc. has a history of serving commercial private offices, urgent care offices, super markets, major health clinics and retail businesses throughout the state of Florida. Our main goal is to ensure client satisfaction, which can be supported by over 100 outstanding Google Reviews. 

Other Services
Exterior Painting

Deciding to apply a fresh coat of paint product to your home not only helps with overall cosmetics, but using the right product helps to prevent exterior damages that may result from the elements and harsh conditions of South Florida weather.

Customer Service Model:

All Florida Colors Inc. is committed to providing customer service satisfaction from beginning to end of each project. We still believe in the concept that the customer comes first, and ensuring that each aspect of the work is complete, as agreed, is highly important to us. 

We maintain open communication during the entire project and will guarantee you are comfortable with each step of the way.

Premium Paint Products/Color Choice.

All Florida Colors Inc. uses the highest quality of paint as per customer preference: Benjamin Moore, Behr and Sherwin Williams to ensure proper coating and satisfaction. When we arrive for your Free Onsite Estimate, we will take the time to discuss the best brand, color choice and palette to enhance the look of your living or work space according to your liking.

Clicking on the above hyperlinks will direct you to the websites of recommended premium paint supply companies. There, you can view products, color choice and color palette recommendations that may suit your taste in style to help create your overall intended effect. All Florida Colors Inc. partners with many leading stores in the local area, especially in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach County to ensure your estimate will be as affordable as possible.

We value an educated consumer and encourage you to do a bit of research related to product preference and color before calling. Color choice can really make the difference, especially when selecting paint for specific rooms such as baby nurseries, spas or meditation rooms, workplace settings or offices, or rooms or homes for individuals with special needs.

Click here to contact us today and All Florida Colors Inc. will be glad to help you with any questions during your free onsite estimate.